Al Razi YDM Update 2022

Al Razi YDM Newsletter - May 2022

Leading the organization of YDM Preconference (WONCA World - Abu Dhabi, 24th Nov 2021) 

Reina Alameddine (preconference Manager, Lebanon representative), facilitated a series of meetings of the Preconference Working Group over 3 months in preparation for the preconference, then she moderated it under the theme of “Embracing Diversity”. 

Nouf Alnoon (UAE representative): prepared the Abu Dhabi Virtual Tour, arranged with the Keynote Speaker, and in collaboration with the Al Razi UAE team, she led the preparation of Two Workshops during the preconference: (1) Digital presence in the 21st century: a family medicine perspective (facilitated by Maram Alsmairat – Jordan), and (2) Arabic Language and glimpse on traditional medical practices (facilitated by Aala Khalaf – UAE).

Adel Yasky (KSA representative): actively participated in pre-conference meetings, and provided technical support by designing ads and promoting outreach via social media channels. 

Anas Almohtaseb (Al Razi chair): made welcoming remarks and presented Al Razi's achievements.

1. Al Razi Members and Executive Group, WONCA EMR Executive Group, and YDM Lead Committee:

Al Razi Executive Group: Elected during Al Razi Council Meeting (23rd Nov 2021), during WONCA World – Abu Dhabi 2021: Adel [Secretary], Nouf [Treasurer], and [4 members]: Reina, Dana Al-Daghlise (Jordan), Gehad Farid (Egypt) and Beesan Maraqa (Palestine). New Members: Adnan Alaoui Ismaili (Morocco) and Ahmed Al Hanashi (Oman). Other Members: (1) FM360: Tareq Alsioury (Palestine), and (2) Education WP: Maram Alsmairat. Al Razi Meetings: regular monthly meetings since Dec 2021 (6 meetings). Social Media: Adel is managing all social media accounts of Al Razi, including designing ads for Al Razi activities.

• WONCA EMR: Anas was elected as Member at Large of the WONCA EMR Executive Group, Member of the Nominations and Award committee and member of the Scientific Committee. Attended all EG meetings.

• YDM Lead: Reina was appointed as the treasurer of YDM leads. Anas attended all YDM Lead meetings.

2. Running the series “Meeting the experts” webinars:
Third webinar (30 October , 2021): Family medicine fellowships. Moderated by Dana and hosted by three speakers who shared their experiences in occupational & geriatric medicine & palliative care fellowships.
The next webinar is scheduled for 4 June 2022 and entitles Primary Care Indicators in Muscat Governorate. The webinar is prepared by Reina and Adel and will be presented by Ahmed Al Hanashi.

3. Preparation and presenting the “Research Methods” training course: This is a 16-hour online course aiming to provide essential research skills in medical sciences. The activity was led by Beesan in collaboration with Adel, and the trainer is Dr Zaher Nazzal, Community Medicine Specialist at Al-Najah National University - Nabulus, Palestine. The first day of the course was Saturday 28 May 2022, with more than 50 trainees.

4. Contributing the World Family Doctor Day 2022: Al Razi members participated in the global activity World Family Doctor Day, sharing photos from their settings ( National groups prepared their own videos and online materials which were shared on social media platforms.

5. Others: updating the Al Razi web page, ideas for Anna Stavdal's vision for the WONCA, suggestions for WFDD themes, Eid Al-Fiter congratulation card and preparation for WONCA EMR Conference 2022 (Muscat - Oman).

Local Teams Activities

• Recruiting a new member: Faiz Al Ruwaili, the Saudi liaison for FM360. 

• Organized seminars attended by WONCA-EMR President.
• Al Razi/Egypt member: Manal Hamdy, was elected as Egyptian Family Medicine Association Secretary. 
• Celebrating Ramadan by hosting Iftar. 

• Beesan: Best oral presentation at WONCA World 2021! 
• Growing of Al Razi/Palestine team by new 26 members (total of 75 members). 
• Monthly scientific day, in collaboration with PAFM and Palestinian MoH. Celebrating WFDD. 

• Recruiting new members: Hadeel Jarbou, Motasem Alnsoor and Eman Gogazeh.
• Congratulation cards for Ramadan and Eid Al Fiter.
• Celebrating WFDD by producing local videos ( and sharing local photos. 

• Formulation of the local team (increased from 6 members to 11).
• Participated in the 12th National Congress of General Medicine, May 2022.
• Presenting seminars and workshops (Adnan, Hind El Kamch and Oumaima AL Araj). 
• Celebrating WFDD.