Al Razi young doctors' workshop

Photo: WONCA Leaders with Al Razi leaders

On the first day of the WONCA EMR conference in Dubai, the Al Razi Young Doctors’ Movement was privileged to present their first workshop in a regional conference with the support of WONCA EMR.

It was titled "Modalities to face burnout" and it was presented by the young family physicians of the movement such as, Nagwa Nashat (Egypt), Anwaur Buhamra (Kuwait) and Suzi Ismael (U.A.E).

The workshop was attended by 22 participants. It was an interactive workshop about diagnosing and facing burnout in practice. Encouraging feedback was received. WONCA leaders Prof Michael Kidd, Prof Amanda Howe and Dr Garth Manning had attended its beginning wishing luck to the presenters. Prof Amanda Howe, WONCA President elect attended most of the workshop.

Submitted by Nagwa Nashat ( Al Razi chair and at right in above photo)