A letter from WONCA’s YDMs

The YDMs have written a small text for our colleagues all over the globe. It is written as prose poetry, that's why the format is a little different.

Dear colleagues,

We are facing a difficult time.

Challenges are upon us on a daily basis, we need to adapt ourselves over and over again in order to be able to answer to the challenges that surround us.

We feel the panic around us - the struggle of our colleagues, the anxiety of the population, the yearning of our family and friends. People are living in their homes, in a birdcage, in order to protect themselves against this invisible threat.

Around the world we know about the numbers, we see the victories and the losses of this war against a common threat. We see our struggles, the battles we are facing and our triumphs.

We are facing fears, doubts, questions... a turmoil of emotions that we need to manage in order to continue, to carry on, not stopping in our paths.

All your stories are an inspiration. You are doing an incredible work and you are a motivation to all of us. You are true heroes in this story.

As primary healthcare workers we are in the frontline. We are the cornerstone to tackle and control this global pandemic. We support our communities and our healthcare system and we are able to offer people the trust and safety they need in order to overcome this hurdle.

All around the world, we are united in this mission.
All around the world, your spirit and motivation echoes in our hearts.
All around the world, we are the strength that will overcome this outburst.

Be strong

Take care of yourself
                     we are in this together

Thank you, everyone.