Become a Rural Seeds Ambassador

In order to have a fair world with access for all we need to have more health professionals in rural areas. This idea provided the inspiration in  2015 to start the Rural Family Medicine Cafe project. This was followed by Rural Health Success Stories in 2016 and later we became the Rural Seeds Networking. Rural Seeds was launched in 2017. Since then, many projects and presentations on rural health have been done. We are a network composed mainly of students and young doctors with an interest in rural medicine. Many of us discovered rural by accident and our desire for rural health has turned us into passionate activists and advocates for rural health. 

It has been such a journey from a simple idea in 2015 to a world wide network   today! The journey has sometimes been difficult but also filled with joy. We have built real connections through collaboration with our project coordinators and also the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice with experienced rural doctors and health professionals in general. 

In 2021, the first ambassadors of this wonderful network are completing this journey in front of Rural Seeds. Our aim was to show those interested in rural health that anyone can be an advocate and that big changes often start with small steps and working together.  We are really excited to say that even you can be an ambassador!

Applications are open until May 15th 2021.
Results of the selection process will be announced in 30th June 2021. 

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Become a Rural Seeds Ambassador