Breathing Easy: Smoking Cessation in Green Clinics

World Family Doctor Day

Editor's Note: This is part of a series of articles written for World Family Doctor Day, 19 May 2024, on the theme "Healthy Planet, Healthy People".


University of Health Sciences Gaziosmanpasa Training and Research Hospital
Department of Family Medicine
Istanbul, TURKEY

To emphasize the importance of climate and environment, we recommend growing botanical plants to our patients who come to our smoking cessation clinic to help them relax and stay motivated. For this purpose, two years ago, we established an environmental project in the family medicine department of our hospital where 30 different plants and two different fish species live in our Smoking Cessation Clinic under the name "Green Clinic" with the theme "Jungle". We call for the health of our planet through smoking cessation and smoke-free air space for a healthy breath. In addition to improving the air quality of this abundant green polyclinic environment, we saw positive effects on both our staff and our patients in the smoking cessation process by reducing stress. We prepared posters and brochures with the themes of "green", "climate", and "clean air" to encourage smoking cessation.

We are happy to share with you our sample brochure and pictures of our polyclinic.

Breathe in the Greenery, Step into a Healthy Life!

To support you on your journey to quit smoking, we are taking a new step in our clinic: Botanical Gardens! With this innovative approach, we aim to contribute to both your physical and mental health.

Why Green Plants?

  • Improves Air Quality: Plants provide clean and fresh air by filtering harmful substances in the air.
  • Reduces Stress: Green areas help reduce stress levels, making your process of quitting smoking more peaceful.
  • Increases Environmental Awareness: Being surrounded by plants increases your environmental awareness and inspires you to make healthier lifestyle choices.

As one of our successful quitters, Mrs. Zehra, says:
"How beautiful! This place does not feel like a hospital; it feels like walking in a garden. It makes me want your help to stop this awful coal smoke for my little boy…”

Breathe with us! Visit our clinic and take a green breath for your health. While quitting smoking for your own health, take a step to think about the health of our planet. Move towards a healthy future in a green environment.

For a Greener Future, Join Us Today!