Bricks on Rural and Planetary Health Launched

July, 2023

In July 2023, the platform ScholarRx unveiled two groundbreaking educational modules, namely "Why Rural and Remote Health" and "Rural, Remote, and Planetary Health."

These modules were developed as part of the Rural Seeds initiative and made possible through the Brick Builder Grant. The visionary behind this endeavor was Mustapha Aminu Tukur (in memoriam), whose dedication and passion for the cause inspired the project's realization.

The modules were crafted by Family Doctor Mayara Floss, a dedicated expert in the field, to provide a comprehensive understanding of rural and remote health challenges.

Currently, two additional modules are in the pipeline: "Community-Centered Approach to Health in Rural and Remote Areas" and "Recruitment and Retention in Rural Areas."

The knowledge shared through these modules is freely accessible, emphasizing the importance of widespread dissemination.

The content presents introductory concepts, real-world experiences, valuable insights, and thought-provoking conclusions to inspire positive changes in the realm of rural and remote healthcare.

For more information and to explore these crucial topics, you can access the modules at the following links:

Rural, Remote, and Planetary Health:
Why Rural and Remote Health: