Complete the online survey from WONCA SIG on Point-Of Care testing

February, 2014

Point-of-care testing refers to pathology testing performed in a clinical setting (such as a family practice) at the time of patient consultation, generating a test result that is used to make an immediate informed clinical decision. In the past decade, point-of-care testing has devolved rapidly away from the hospital sector and is now firmly embedded within the primary care setting (including family practices). As more and more point-of-care testing devices and test systems become available on the global market for the detection and management of chronic, acute and infectious diseases, it is important that family doctors have a sound knowledge and awareness of the scope and application of available devices, as well as their benefits and limitations.

The WONCA Special Interest Group on Global Point-of-Care Testing provides a forum for family doctors of all countries to meet, discuss, learn about, promote, advocate and research the clinical utility and effectiveness of point-of-care testing. The Special Interest Group, administered by the Flinders University International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing in Australia, provides leadership and direction to realise the benefits of this technology for interested WONCA family doctors.

As a new initiative of the Special Interest Group, a short online survey on point-of-care testing has been developed and is now available for family doctors to complete. The purpose of this survey is to obtain a wide understanding of the clinical use, availability, needs, advantages, and limitations or barriers to the implementation of point-of-care testing across all WONCA regions of the world. This information will inform the Special Interest Group on priorities for education and research. We welcome responses from all family doctors and health professional staff with an interest in point-of-care testing.

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Professor Mark Shephard (Chair and pictured) and Lara Motta (Secretary)
WONCA Special Interest Group on Global Point-of-Care Testing