Dr Anna Stavdal's Farewell at WONCA 2023

Dr Anna Stavdal, our now Immediate Past-President, delivered a heartfelt farewell address during the Awards and Handover ceremony at the WONCA World Conference 2023 in Sydney, Australia.

Stavdal embarked on her WONCA journey in 2016 as the President of WONCA Europe and found herself standing for the position of WONCA World President Elect two years later. Reflecting on her tenure, she described the experience as an adventurous journey marked by hard work, a steep learning curve, frustration, joy, and satisfaction.

She shared snapshots of her term offering glimpses into the challenges faced by WONCA during the global pandemic. Dr Stavdal also highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on WONCA operations, including travel restrictions, financial constraints, and increased workloads for health providers.

Dr Stavdal acknowledged the historic virtual constitution of the executive committee, with the first in-person meeting occurring in Oslo after eight months. She emphasized the committee's diverse representation, reflecting the rich tapestry of WONCA's membership. Her presentation also showcased her home office in Oslo, displaying the multifaceted aspects of her role.

Throughout her presidency, Dr Anna Stavdal travelled widely, spending over 150 days representing WONCA globally. She expressed gratitude for the warm welcome received from local hosts and emphasised the importance of building relationships with stakeholders, including high-level politicians and WHO.

Dr Anna Stavdal announced the launch of the Global Core Values Project, underscoring the need to raise awareness of the core values of Family Medicine in a rapidly changing world.

The address concluded with a heartfelt thanks to WONCA members, past presidents, executive members, the WONCA Secretariat, her colleagues, and, most importantly, her family for their unwavering support. She passed the baton to the incoming WONCA President, Karen Flegg, wishing her success in leading WONCA into the future.

As Stavdal bid farewell, she expressed gratitude for the privilege of leading WONCA and hinted at taking some time for personal pursuits like skiing and sailing. The audience was left with a sense of appreciation for Stavdal's dedication and a hopeful outlook for WONCA's continued success under new leadership.

Dr Stavdal's legacy includes not only her impactful initiatives but also the connections she forged with WONCA members worldwide. As she passes the torch to new leadership, we extend our deepest gratitude for her outstanding dedication and the positive impact she has had on the global family medicine community.

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