Dr Shigeaki HINOHARA : 1911-2017
Japan's most eminent physician

Dr Shigeaki HINOHARA who was the most eminent physician in Japan died on July 18, 2017 at the age of 105. He was emeritus Dean of St Luke’s International University and honorary president of St Luke’s International Hospital, both in Tokyo.

When the funeral ceremony was held on July 29, more than 4000 people and the Empress Michiko attended. Dedication flowers were from the emperor/ empress, the crown prince/ princess, Mikasa-, Akishino- and Takamado- Imperial branch. (Photo). He received the Order of Cultural Merit from Japan government in 2005.

Photo: Dr Shigeaki HINOHARA's Honorable Medal of the Order of Culture in 2005 and floral tribute as noted above.

Historically speaking, his contribution was enormous, from several points of view.

Firstly, he was the physician who introduced the concept of primary care medicine from United States. To honor his achievement, Hinohara Award has been given to excellent doctor every year in the Congress of Japanese Primary Care Association (JPCA).

Secondly, he proposed the term of life style related disease in 1978, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare decided to use it in 1990’s. He was a pioneer of a system of complete annual physical checks, (called human dry-dock), and also developed preventive medicine and the education system for doctors and other medical staff.

Lastly, he established New Elderly Association (NEA) on September 2000, and has developed the New Elderly movement. He started at the age of 100, and developed the Smart Senior Association (SSA) with frequent internet activity. The motto of NEA included three items, to love, to commence /initiate and to endure, and to do this through various activities leading holistic health physically and mentally, NEA members have always practiced every day for a happy life according to the concept of Hinohara-ism. Thus, broad and deep Hinohara-ism was further developed and accepted for lots of people, and would become one of the best philosophy and practices world-wide.

Submitted by Hiroshi BANDO, MD,PhD, FACP (Chairman of 8th Congress of Japanese Primary Care Association (JPCA) 2017 at which Dr Hinohara delivered what would become his final greeting at a medical assembly)

Editor’s Note. The New York Times has said Dr Hinohara “taught Japan how to live long”.