EURACT Statement on Assessment in Specialty Training for Family Medicine

“Assessment for Learning”

The European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT) announces its  Statement on Assessment in Specialty Training for Family Medicine - “Assessment for Learning”

This document proposes a comprehensive model for assessment in GP speciality training. Historically assessment has been rigidly defined as either summative or formative but this division has been discredited. It is now recognised that assessment needs to be embedded within training, be integral to the curriculum and be a driving force which encourages the development of the trainee. Assessment should be collaborative and facilitate a partnership approach between the Trainee and the Trainer. This statement outlines the basic principles and tools that can be used and can be adapted for local purposes.

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The European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT) was launched in March 1992. It was felt that support for teachers would best be provided by an organisation for individual membership, rather than an organisation of large national bodies or societies. The overall aim of the Academy is "to foster and maintain high standards of care in European general practice by promoting general practice as a discipline by learning and teaching."

The use of the word Academy in the title of the organisation was deliberate and is intended to imply a European structure to provide support and resources for general practice teachers. It is intended to complement and collaborate with existing general practice organisations in Europe, using its special emphasis on teaching.

Since the launch of the Academy it has grown to be the largest personal membership organisation in Europe, with over 800 members in nearly 40 countries. Teachers in each country in the WONCA European region may be members, and each country with at least 3 members has one representative on the Council, which is the ruling body. Council meetings are held twice a year in different countries, and may be associated with a meeting or course for national teachers. It has regularly participated in WONCA European meetings starting in the Hague in 1993.

With the formation of the WONCA Europe Region, EURACT has become one of the three network organisations with a special interest in education.

It runs courses for teachers – skills courses have been provided in Greece, and Turkey, followed by Leonardo-EURACT Teachers' Courses, moving annually to different parts of Europe. EURACT has also published a number booklets including:
• "A survey on recertification and reaccreditation in Europe" 1995
• "Attributes and learning needs of general practice teachers" 1995
• "Hospital Posts for general practice training" 2000
• "Selection of trainers and training practices for specific training" 2002
• And in collaboration with EQUIP "Quality Standards for CPD in Europe" 2003.

The EURACT website  hosts EURACT official documents, together with specific guidelines, statements and other educational resources.

All teachers of general practice in the WONCA European region are invited to apply for membership of EURACT. Applications should be made to the national representative. They will be considered by the Council of the EURACT at its next meeting. All applicants for full membership must be family doctors active in teaching general practice.

EURACT in mourning.

Since the above article was submitted, the Executive Board and Council of EURACT has issued the following message relating to the death of their beloved president.

EURACT with profound regret, announces the death on the 16th May 2015 of its beloved president, esteemed colleague and dear friend Professor Janko Kersnik. With his passing, the international community of family doctors loses a good friend, a devoted doctor, an excellent scientist and a tireless advocate of family medicine.

EURACT expresses its deepest sympathy to Janko’s family and joins them in their sorrow over the loss of their beloved husband, father and grandfather. Dear Janko, may you rest in peace.

Francesco Carelli,
EURACT Council, Executive Board, Director of Communications
[email protected]