East Mediterranean: Jordan and Iraq announce new board members

Elections have taken place in Jordan and Iraq for new board members of the family medicine society in each country. WONCA Region President Prof Nabil Al Kurashi has offered his sincere congratulations to the new boards. He believes that there is no doubt that with their leadership and combined efforts, improving the quality of family medicine in the region is highly attainable. Together with the other regions, his East Mediterranean region of WONCA, will continue to work hand-in-hand to achieve all goals with regards to primary care, family medicine teaching/training, and continuous medical education through coordinated scientific activities.


On June 19, 2012, an election took place for the new board members of Jordanian Society of Family Medicine (JSFM). New JSFM board members are: President: Dr Oraib Alsmadi
Deputy: Dr Mohammed Rasol Tarawneh
Treasurer: Dr Mohammed Edwan Secretary: Dr Mohammed Tarawneh
PRO/Social: Dr Etaf Abusiam
Scientific Committee: Dr Suleiman Abbad
Honorary Member: Dr Mazen Albashir To the new JSFM Board Members, headed by Dr Oraib Alsmadi, on behalf of WONCA East Mediterranean region, my warmest congratulations!

New president of the JSFM, Dr Oraib Alsmadi


The Iraqi Family Physician Society (IFPS) conducted their board member election on June 8, 2012 with the presence of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Representative. The new board members are as follows:

New IFPS president, Dr Hassan H B Al-Kazzaz
President: Hassan H B Al-Kazzaz, MD Vice President: Dr Ola Shakir Fadhel
Secretary: Dr Ali Shahab Fahad
Treasurer: Dr Jamal Abdel Hamid Al Ani
Members: Dr Lujain Anwar; Dr Ban Abdolredha; Dr Sana Jaffer
Honorary Member: Prof Abdul Munem Al Dabbagh
To the new IFPS Board Members, headed by Dr Hassan Baker, on behalf of WONCA East Mediterranean region, my warmest congratulations to all of you!

Prof Nabil Y Al Kurashi
President, WONCA East Mediterranean region