WONCA Executive announces Young Doctor representative

WONCA Executive is pleased to announced that Dr Raman Kumar of India has been selected to join them as the Young Doctor representative for the 2013-16 triennium.

Raman, who is Chair of The Spice Route (the Young Doctor movement for South Asia) was selected from a large number of very high calibre candidates. The Executive was thrilled that so many young doctors from so many parts of the world expressed a keen interest in making a contribution to our organization. Making the decision was very difficult and unfortunately only one person could be chosen, but Raman emerged as the clear first choice.

We welcome Raman to the executive and have been delighted at the strong statements of support both from many of the unsuccessful candidates and from the leaders of the various young doctors movements. We are certain that Raman will be a fine ambassador as he seeks to represent the views of all young doctors on WONCA executive.

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Raman Kumar will join the existing new Executive for 2013-2016: New WONCA executive (Standing from l to r): Inez Padula (Iberoamerica); Job Metsemakers (Europe); JK Lee (Asia Pacific); Luisa Pettigrew (Member-at Large); Pratap Prasad (South Asia); Matie Obazee (Africa); Mohammed Tarawneh (East Mediterranean); Karen Flegg (Member-at Large); Donald Li (Member-at Large); Ruth Wilson (North America); (Sitting from l to r): Richard Roberts (Immediate Past President); Michael Kidd (President); Amanda Howe (President-Elect); Garth Manning (CEO)