Final call for the 47th EQuiP Meeting in Switzerland, 24-25 April

Open EQuiP Spring Meeting 2015: Knowledge Translation in Primary Health Care - Focus on Quality Circles

EQuiP is the European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice - a WONCA Europe Network

Ongoing quality improvement (QI) is fundamental to modern family medicine; it is about providing person-centred, safe and effective care, and efficient use of current resources in a fast-changing environment. Whereas QI affects local problems like perceived inefficient, harmful or badly timed health care, Knowledge Transfer (KT) deals with generalizable concepts to increase and disseminate knowledge.

In other words, KT is the synthesis, dissemination and exchange of knowledge for providing effective health care, and QI is the process at the local or organizational level where quality issues arise. Quality Circles/ Peer Review Groups / Practice Based Small Groups/ CME Groups seem to be an effective tool to do that!
The objective of the conference is to document the range of components that characterise QCs, their underlying mechanisms and the local context in which they are conducted. The patterns in which components act within them have to be investigated and mapped in relation to variations in these underlying mechanisms and the local context.

The aim is to identify optimal conditions for success which may then inform participants as they manage and maintain current QCs and plan future ones to improve clinical practice. Basically, it is about unpacking the black box to see what variations of the programme work for whom and under what contextual features by looking at numerous projects that have been undertaken. Successful projects may show what works, whereas unsuccessful projects will show what does not work. Oral presentation of projects will be followed by discussions in small groups. Workshops on various aspects will give insight into the different issues QCs work with.

Date: Friday 24 and Saturday 25 April 2015.
Venue: Kloster Fischingen, Switzerland.

With best wishes
Dr Adrian Rohrbasser

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