Free access article for November in 'Education for Primary Care'

Prof Val Wass OBE, Chair WONCA Working Party on Education, on this month's free access articles:

There is increasing concern that our clinical training environments are failing to nurture and value our young students and doctors as highlighted in my Editorial "#Snowflakegeneration" for the 29: 5 issue of Education for Primary Care.
29:5 is now on line here.

We are therefore pleased to offer free access for a month to an interesting article on “Belongingness and its implications for undergraduate health professions education” from Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt and John Sandars and the following commentary from Kay Mohanna.

The article highlights the importance of feeling valued in an education environment. The literature review shows that belongingness has an important role in student motivation, learning identity formation and in facilitating positive mental health.

access article here