From the Editor’s desk: Krakow and Korea conferences

June, 2018

This month the CEO is on leave so I’ve stepped in to bring some of his news and some reflections of my own..

For our CEO, Garth Manning, it has been an especially busy period of late, with the World Health Assembly closely followed by the WONCA Europe conference, in Krakow, which was then followed immediately by the WONCA Executive meeting in Warsaw. Garth was then was part of a team undertaking a program accreditation visit to University of Toronto, after which he had embarked on some well earned leave. He will report more fully on the many activities in his column next month.

Meanwhile, having also been at the WONCA Europe conference, I reflect on the great enjoyment of attending WONCA Conferences – seeing old friends and making new friends, and expanding my knowledge for use in clinical practice at the same time. The Krakow event was well organised and attended by several thousand people with over 700 were young doctors and medical students, and a program to suit all interests. I must mention the spectacular lighting in the auditorium, seen here during Michael Kidd’s plenary (that's Michael in the bottom left corner!).

People in Krakow were starting to talk about the coming WONCA World Conference, in Seoul, in October. The speakers list is expanding and is sure to provide a great line up – find out who joins our President Amanda Howe as a keynote speaker .

Pre-registration ends on July 31 so don’t forget to register online now.

If you are coming to the WONCA preliminary meetings such as the World Council, a Regional Council, Working Party or Special Interest Group meeting, our CEO has previously given detailed plans for these days which are mostly being held in Incheon – see more here.

Our Working Parties and Special Interest Groups have recently submitted annual reports to WONCA Executive and the first of these appear this month – Education, Environment, Mental Health. More will follow. If you are coming to Seoul you may want to consider becoming involved in one of these groups who work hard and with great enthusiasm between meetings. For complete list of these groups and links to contact their chairs.

For those not involved in these meetings there are pre and post conference tours of up to three days’ duration.

Well known young doctor, Kyle Hoedebecke from the USA, is on the International Advisory Committee. He has been working in Korea and posted this sightseeing tip recently on Facebook - Seoul Tower! (see photo at bottom)

Kyle writes: Around 10 million visitors pass through this site annually. My suggestion is to ride the Namsan cable car up the Mount Namsan in order to walk in and around the tower. If you are up to the challenge, or short on cash, you can walk up the mountain to reach the top! The cityscape - especially at night - is breathtaking! Additionally, the 236.7m tower lights up during the night time and you can take amazing photos with your friends. Should you come with that special someone - remember to bring a lock to leave here. Don't worry if you forget as one can be purchased as well. Enjoy!

I look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends but next time in Korea! Why not join us?
Dr Karen Flegg, WONCA Editor