GPtopia- VDGM think to the future.

On June 14th and 15th 2016, 200 new and future family physicians gathered in Copenhagen for the Vasco da Gama Movement Pre-conference.

Participants were presented with a survival scenario exercise: it's now year 2084 and the world geography has been dramatically reshaped by human-driven climate change. In the aftermath of such catastrophe, all that's rest of humankind is a new society flourishing in an island somewhere in the new Northern Sea - GPtopia, an utopia on Earth. On face of big challenges caused by ageing populations, multimorbidity and continuing migrations, the President and his Ministers of Health gather a Council of GPs to define the future of primary health care.

VdGM challenged the Pre-conference participants to imagine themselves as being that Council of GPs. The following topics were discussed in working groups: electronic communication and internet medicine, quality of care for patients with chronic diseases, rural medicine, international health, leadership, family violence, and research in primary health care.

The outcome of their work is summarised in the "GPtopia Healthcare Declaration."