Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health: consultation

WHO is in the process of developing a Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health which will be submitted to the World Health Assembly next May for endorsement.. The strategy will guide action and specify commitments by countries around the world over the next five years, hopefully leading to a Decade of Healthy Ageing from 2020 to 2030.

As well as the face-to-face consultation, a web consultation on Draft Zero of the Strategy is now live. The full draft zero strategy document will soon be also available in French, Spanish and Arabic and will be placed on the site as soon as the translations are complete. Please note this is VERY preliminary draft, as WHO is looking for external inputs to help shape the contents.

WHO is keen to have as many contributions as possible from individuals and organizations, and welcomes feedback on the strategy using the electronic survey at this site. There is also an email address to collect additional comments, if some people prefer ([email protected]). Maximum input is crucial if WHO is to develop a balanced Global Strategy that reflects the needs, concerns and aspirations of older people around the world.

The draft zero proposes the following 5 strategic objectives. You may comment on each section in turn.
1. Committing to foster healthy ageing in every country
2. Aligning health systems to the needs of older populations
3. Developing long-term care systems
4. Creating age-friendly environments
5. Improving measuring, monitoring and understanding

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