Goodfellow GEMS - more available

More Goodfellow Unit GEMS have been loaded this month. What is a GEM? Gems are chosen by the Goodfellow Unit director Dr Bruce Arroll to be either practice changing or practice maintaining. The information is educational and not clinical advice. ©The Goodfellow Unit, Auckland, New Zealand.

How many cigarettes in a bottle of wine?

Stop using Augmentin. Bring back the Augmentin-free office

FAST symptoms; refer for urgent perfusion CT

Increasing fluid intake by 1.5L/day can prevent recurrent UTIs in women

Majority of knee and hip joint replacements last longer than 25 years

Antispasmodics including peppermint oil may be effective for IBS

Microalbuminuria: control the diabetes and BP and use care with NSAIDs

Substance-use disorders in later life

Contraception for adolescents with disabilities

Improved sexual functioning with weekend drug holiday for SSRI induced dysfunction

Emergency contraception in women weighing > 70 kg; consider two tablets

Chlamydia testing may need to be more intensive

Depression in the elderly

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