Growing together in diversity : art/ science project at WONCA Europe Prague

Growing together in diversity is an interactive art- science project which will be performed by Swiss artists, at the coming WONCA Europe conference, in Prague, under the umbrella of the WONCA Special Interest Group on Complexities in Health.

Pictures are more than thoughts and provide a different point of view. That is the inspiration for what the artists intend with their performance. They create a visual art installation on the conference theme driven by aesthetic criteria, enriching the conference participants’ intellectual work.

It will be an evolving artwork depending on unpredictable factors, as they are inherent in growth processes. Often fragile and full of surprises.

All attendees are invited to enter into dialogue with the artists and to contribute to the evolution of the installation through their interactions. Within the conference venue we will create a growing social sculpture, an art installation/performance in interaction with the conference attendees.

A fantastic multifaceted conference theme stimulating to deeply reflecting about well-being, disease and illness, doctor-patient relation, family medicine, being human, society as a whole, WONCA and its mission, globalisation, complexity/complex adaptive systems, life and death, etc.

photo: Bruno Kissling (family doctor and artist) far right and Esther Quarroz (art therapist) at work.

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Sponsored by
DC-Bank, CH and SGAIM, CH

Artists (all from Switzerland)
Bruno Kissling, family doctor, artist
Esther Quarroz, art therapist, artist
Andreas Fahrni, photographer