"Healing by Numbers" and "Virginity Testing" TEDx talks

December, 2018

Raquel Gomez Bravo shares with you two of the official videos of the TEDxUniversityOfLuxembourg that have been organised in the university in October 2018. We had the honour to have among the speakers, Prof Richard Roberts, and Sara Rigon.

• Prof Roberts is well known around the world, he is a past president of WONCA World from the USA. His talk is about "Healing by numbers". He discusses that strategies used in manufacturing are now being applied to healthcare: assembly line production, protocol-driven care, big data. These strategies promise improved population health at lower cost. Yet, linear production models can do great harm in healthcare. This is especially true in primary care where most care is obtained and where custom solutions must be developed for each patient.

• Sara Rigon is an active member of our WONCA Special Interest Group on Family Violence and the Equally Different Group of VdGM . She is speaking about "Virginity Testing" and her experience working with MSF in different parts of the world (Haiti, Iraq, Bangladesh).

I hope you enjoyed the talks as much as we did and help us to share it with those who might be interested.