ICPC-3 field test invitation

Dear colleague,

The ICPC is the most widely used international classification for the systematic recording and organizing of clinical information in primary care.

The newest version ICPC-3 designed by the ICPC-3 Consortium in collaboration with the WONCA classification committee is in the testing phase.

The ICPC-3 Consortium is established in cooperation with WONCA, WONCA Europe, and a number of participating Countries/Institutes to develop the ICPC-3 within a set time frame.

We would like to invite you to test it.

For more information about the ICPC-3 and the field test see on our website: www.icpc-3.info/field-test

Why use the ICPC-3?

• It allows patients’ health problems to be tracked over time through the recording of episodes of care, and by allowing the coding of the reason for encounter through to a recognisable disease/problem with functioning and interventions.
• It reflects the frequency and distribution of health problems commonly encountered in primary health care and reflects the way in which primary care provider’s work to solve problems in the common language for Primary Health Care.
• It is simple and easy to use for primary care providers including doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, therefore increasing the likelihood of consistent and accurate coding.
• It is harmonised with other classifications such as ICD, and clinical terminology systems such as SNOMED CT.
• It enables meaningful feedback to primary care, enables the exchange of information between primary and secondary care, as well as with policymakers and funders to understand what is happening in primary care, and therefore improve the provision of care.

Kees van Boven and Huib ten Napel, project leaders