Insights: Cultural considerations in aged care

The WONCA Working Party on Ethics and Professionalism and the WONCA Special Interest Group on Ageing and Health, hosted a webinar exploring the vital topic of culturally sensitive care for older adults. The discussion, led by expert facilitators Tania Moerenhout and Dimity Pond, delved into the challenges and strategies for ensuring that healthcare meets the unique needs of our aging population.

The webinar featured prominent speakers from different parts of the world who shared their insights and experiences. Hakki Demirkapu from Belgium discussed advanced care planning within ethnic minorities and introduced Belgium's innovative culturally sensitive nursing home, specifically tailored for older adults with a Muslim background. Joanna Hikaka from New Zealand focused on Māori elder experiences and expectations in residential and community settings, emphasizing the importance of incorporating cultural values and practices in aged residential care. Danica Rotar Pavlič from Slovenia presented her findings on healthcare for older refugees and shared insights from health professionals working in transit centers.

In a rapidly diversifying world, the webinar highlighted the pressing need for culturally safe care in healthcare for older adults. It provided attendees with valuable insights and practical strategies for enhancing primary healthcare services for this demographic. If you missed the live event, you can access the recorded webinar here. This webinar served as a reminder of the significance of culturally sensitive care in today's healthcare landscape, emphasizing the importance of meeting the unique needs of older adults from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Watch here the full session: