Invitation to 2014 WONCA World Rural Health Conference

Dear colleagues,

For the first time South America will host a world conference on family medicine and rural health, the 12th WONCA World Rural Health Conference, that will be held in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul State, May 21–25, 2014.

The theme is: Rural Health: An Emerging Need.

The fact of hosting the event fills us with pride and responsibility. It represents a great opportunity to put on evidence relevant aspects of the health situation of large masses of population that often has unequal access to health resources, and for this reason, sets an important concern for the organisation of health systems and professional practices.

In addition, it will be a great opportunity to study the multiple relationships between rural and urban health, a current and challenging issue in a world increasingly interconnected. The Congress will feature the participation of national and international speakers, workshops, presentation of experiences and research as well as visits to local health services, and an interesting social and cultural agenda.

Gramado is a beautiful city, located in the mountain regions of South Brazil, which has an excellent tourist infrastructure. Added to this, a rich inner landscapes such as valleys, rivers and waterfalls, where the history of this region is preserved by the descendants of the colonizers Germans and Italians. From Gramado, several itineraries will be available for the State of Rio Grande do Sul and the rest of Brazil.

The 12th WONCA World Rural Health Conference will occur along with the 4th Congress of South Brazilian Family Medicine and Community through a partnership between the institutions representatives of the specialty worldwide, continental, national and state.

We are counting on your participation in this important event!

Leonardo Vieira Targa
President of the 12th WONCA World Congress of Rural Health