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Prof Val Wass reports on the latest open access articles from Education for Primary Care:

This month’s Education for Primary Care (29:3) has several articles on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) including a leading article review of how the WONCA Working Party on Education’s (WWPE’s) standards for delivering CPD were developed and a letter from Elaine Politi describing her work in Greece.

The WONCA CPD standards can be viewed on the WONCA website here.

Delivering effective CPD for WONCA organisations remains challenging At the 2017 WONCA rural conference in Cairns, a workshop held for the WWPE highlighted the difficulties rural doctors experience when seeking CPD. This month we will be offering free access and download for a literature review on:

Continuing education for general practitioners working in rural practice: a review of the literature (2018;29; p152-65) from Stephanie Dowling, Jason Last, Henry Finnigan &Walter Cullen.
Access article here