Launched in Rio - Rio Statement and resources

The WONCA Rio statement was launched By Professor Michael Kidd at the opening ceremony of the WONCA World conference held recently in Rio.

The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) calls for all countries to increase the number of family doctors in order to achieve high quality comprehensive primary care and universal health coverage. Effective strategies include:
- improving the skills of doctors already working in the community;
- recognising Family Medicine as a specialty and enhancing the academic basis of the discipline;
- strengthening the family medicine experience of all medical students;
- actively recruiting more medical graduates into more post graduate family medicine training programmes;
- giving all family doctors and members of their teams the resources to carry out their work, recognising their contribution, and ensuring their retention in the workforce – all in order to deliver excellent cost-effective people centred care.

Prof Kidd also launched the following items developed in the last triennium:

The WONCA guidebook translations including into Portuguese

Rural medical education guidebook 2014 (which has been online for some time and is a highly accessed free online publication)

International Perspectives on Primary Care Research 2016

Achieving Universal Health Coverage: technology for innovative primary care education 2016 (The iHeed report )

WONCA CPD standards 2016 produced by the WONCA Working Party on Education

Special WONCA edition of Education in Primary Care journal October 2016

The Classic Papers book 2016

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