More from Prague - scientific programme update

The WONCA Prague World conference latest newsletter is now available. Read the full newsletter here.

The scientific programme update reads as follows:

The Scientific committee had busy start of the year. After normal and prolonged dead lines for abstracts´ submission we finally obtained over 1730 abstracts from all over the world. Most of the abstracts arrived from: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, USA, UK, Korea and the Netherlands. Most active regions were Europe, Asia and South America. The most represented theme was expected: family medicine.

Every abstract was evaluated in the first round by 2 international reviewers (150 from all over the world, out of them some 40 Czechs). We are very grateful for excellent work international reviewers did for the success of the Prague conference! On top, in the second round, all abstracts were scrutinised by one or two Czech superreviewers. This thorough evaluation process with rejection rate of 10% give us certainty that workshops, oral presentations and posters will be of a good quality. As we promised before all authors (successful or unsuccessful) will be notified by the end of February.

Starting mid March the scientific committee will be creating final programme which is planned in 17 parallel sesions for 3,5 days of the conference. For this we would need help to chair all of the sessions and we wish to get much international support. We hope that most of the reviewers will be present as chairs but any GP or family physician willing to be active as chair would be welcome - please contact us on the conference website:

Vaclav BENES
Chair Scientific Committee