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PEARLS - Practical Evidence About Real Life Situations

These are brief (minimalistic summaries) of Cochrane Primary care systematic reviews with the answer in the title (so you only read the ones you like).

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520 Mixed evidence on interventions for improving outcomes in patients with multimorbidity
519 Limited benefit from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for chronic low back pain
518 Limited evidence for benefits of interventions to reduce sitting at work
517 Skin grafting and tissue replacement effective for diabetic foot ulcers
516 Legislative smoking bans improve health outcomes
515 Over-the-counter artificial tears effective for dry eye syndrome
514 Therapist-supported internet CBT effective for adult anxiety disorders
513 Limited evidence for effectiveness of home-based end-of-life care
512 Topical steroids effective for scalp psoriasis
511 Herpes zoster vaccine effective in older adults

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