PMNCH 2012 Report

November, 2012

The PMNCH 2012 Report - Analysing Progress on Commitments to the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health reviews progress on commitments made by 220 stakeholders to the UN Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, supporters of the Every Woman Every Child Initiative. The report was commissioned by the independent Expert Review Group ( iERG) to inform its report to the UN Secretary-General.

The PMNCH 2012 Report finds that the Global Strategy has been a catalyst for more focused and coordinated efforts for women’s and children’s health.

It also concludes that implementation is underway but faces some constraints. Based on the report’s findings, the following recommendations on the way forward are made:

  • Provide additional support to countries with high mortality rates and/or off-track to reach MDGs 4 and 5 but receiving little support at present;
  • Focus commitments more strongly on interventions that address major causes of death and are receiving little attention;
  • Leverage additional financial resources to further reduce the funding gap identified in the Global Strategy;
  • Address constraints to implementation of commitments, in particular related to financial and human resources;
  • Integrate efforts with other sectors that are critical to improving women’s and children’s health, such as education, water and sanitation, transportation and information and communications technologies;
  • Support the implementation of the recommendations by the Commission on Information and Accountability, including strengthening health information systems and tracking of international and domestic financial resources;
  • Include indicators and means to track progress and impact in future commitments.

For more on the recommendations, Download the PMNCH 2012 Report