Presenting the Remote and Rural Institute Series

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The joint WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice (Rural WONCA) and Toward Unity for Health (TUFH) Institute Series is being launched as part of the 17th Wonca World Rural Health Conference over four months starting 16th October with the conference opening ceremony.

Chairs: Bruce Chater; Roger Strasser; Pratyush Kumar; and Alejandro Avelino


We are committed to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations by creating communication and knowledge sharing e-learning platforms for global and national interprofessional and intersectoral communities of practice that build each participant’s respective capacity.

We are guided by the values that all teach and all learn and we all learn best by doing. Using proven adult learning techniques and interactive video technology, we connect health providers with global thought leaders in regular real-time collaborative sessions. The sessions, designed around case-based learning and mutual coaching, help Global and Regional Participants gain the knowledge and skills required to improve upon existing models and services.

Series Content

The joint Rural WONCA and Network: Toward Unity for Health Institute Series discusses the delivery of care in rural areas in a sustainable manner and how rural health care may change in the future ensuring that it is accessible, high quality, and economically value-based.

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Remote and Rural Institute Content

These sessions will be held from 10:00 – 11:00 am UTC Time Zone via Zoom.

The Sessions include three components:
1. Knowledge Sharing: Global Thought Leaders share their knowledge and expertise through curated 10-15minute lecture videos.
2. Case Based Learning: Practitioners will share their experience through 5-minute case study videos.
3. Communities of Practice: Global Thought Leaders and Practitioners convene weekly (see schedule below) to mutually learn resulting in improved global and country policies and health services delivered from local people they know and trust.

The expert Lectures are recorded and available through the links below. Case studies recordings will be added. If interested in submitting a case study please email Nicholas Torres, Executive Director, TUFH at [email protected]


Summary infomration only. For details on case presenters, links, emails pelase go to link at top of this page.

24th October Title: Rural Training Pathways And Pipelines
Lecture: Bruce Chater:

31st October
Title: Learning In Rural Settings
Lecture: Ian Couper and Jana Muller
South Africa

7th November
Title: Rural Workforce Retention Strategies
Lecture: Roger Strasser
Canada/New Zealand

14th November
Title: Supporting Young Health Professionals In Rural Settings
Lecture: Amber Wheatley; Mayara Floss; Veronika Rasic
United Kingdom

21st November
Title: Rural Medical Education Guidebook Launch

5th December
Title: High Performing Rural Teams And Rural Workforce: Getting The Balance Right
Lecture: Bikash Gauchan

12th December
Title: Digital Health Ai And Telehealth: Improving Not Worsening Access
Shannon Nott

19th December
Title: Rural Effects Of Climate Change
Lecture: Pratyush Kumar

9th January
Title: Rural Café

16th January
Title: Role Of Family Medicine In Rural Health
Lecture: James Rourke

23rd January
Title: Rural Generalist Family Care
Lecture: Paul Worley

30th January
Title: Establishing Family Medicine in low and middle income countries
Lecture: Raman Kumar

6th February
Title: Epidemiology And Public Health: Remote And Rural Health: Latin America
Lecture: Alejandro Avelino

21st February
Closing ceremony: During series our Global experts will reflect the discussion that you have had with them and bring this to our policy summary at the conference Closing Ceremony.

Assoc Prof Bruce Chater , Prof Roger Strasser, Dr Pratyush Kumar, Dr Alejandro Avelino, Dr Zakiur Raman, Nicholas Torres