President’s reminder about the ‘30 by 2030’ campaign


As we come to the end of 2020 we are all more aware than ever just how important it is to have access to a comprehensive, continuous primary care system. The commitment of nations across the globe during the Astana Declaration in 2018 may have lost some resonance over the last year, as nations struggled to contend with a previously unknown coronavirus. But the onset of COVID-19 should alert us even more to the need for sustainable funding and resources for integrating primary care into the wider health systems. It is no longer feasible or acceptable for primary care to receive such significantly lower funding both by governments and development partners. Nor is this the time to undo the improvements which have been made towards integration of primary care services, away from the vertical programmes of the past which further disintegrated struggling health systems.

The ’30 by 2030’ campaign calls for development partners explicitly to assign 30% of their health funds towards building and improving primary care systems, to deliver integrated, comprehensive primary care services by 2030. By doing this, countries will have a far greater chance of achieving Universal Health Coverage, which is our global goal. In addition to the call to development partners, the 30by2030 campaign recommends analysis and awareness of the long-term impact of continued vertical programmes on health systems.

I urge those of you who are working with development partners - as an adviser, consultant, recipient of a grant or in a Ministry of Health which is seeking funds – please ensure that you and your colleagues are aware of the 30 by 2030 campaign and adhere to the principles of providing comprehensive, continuous primary care to everyone everywhere.

We have ten more years to achieve the ambitious goal of 30 by 2030. Let us use every bit of influence and energy we can to make it happen.


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