WP Quality and Safety in Family Medicine annual report

Dr Maria Pilar Astier Pena, chair, WONCA Working Party on Quality and Safety in Family Medicine (WWPQS) reports:

The executive board was re-elected in October 2018:
Chair Maria Pilar Astier Peña - Spain
Secretary Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz - Spain
IT Officer Alexandre Gouveia - Switzerland

Conferences and scientific meetings in which the group have participated

23rd WONCA EUROPE Conference in Kracovia, June 2018:
o De-prescription Workshop. Dr Bueno-Ortiz, Dr Vilaseca, Dr Fernandez.

WONCA World Executive Meeting In Seoul, October 2018:

o WWPQS annual report 2017-2018 was approved
o WONCA Executive visit to the WP meeting: Dr Li and Prof Howe visited the group to communicate their commitment and to encourage members to continue their activities.
o Dr MP Asiter was endorsed as WWPQS chair by the Council. She was invited to act as an observer during WONCA Council and she collaborated as a teller during the election procedures.
o WONCA Regional assembly meetings.13/10/2018. Doctors MP Astier and JM Bueno attended several regional meetings to promote the Working Party activities during the Seoul Conference and invited members from different regions to join the group. They were welcomed to a number of regional group meetings:

WONCA conference Seoul 2018, 18-21/10/2018.
o Pre-conference meeting of the WWPQS
o Overdiagnosis and Preventive Measures - Policy and Practice in the European Countries. Jose-M Bueno et al.
o First Management of Second Victims in a Rural Family Practice. Jose-M Bueno, M-Pilar Astier
o Saturday Oct. 20 09:30-10:30 Auditorium Presentation of WONCA Awards, Sonia Roche a WONCA fellowship, Veronica Casado 5 Star doctor award.
o Implementing patient safety practices in Primary Care settings. Jose-M Bueno, M-Pilar Astier
o Low Back Pain Tackling in Our Surgery. Can We Improve It? Jose-M Bueno, M-Pilar Astier, V Casado et al
o Medication without Harm: Which Are the Main Topics in Primary Care? Jose-M Bueno, M-Pilar Astier et al
o Increasing Family Physicians’ Capacity to Coach and Mentor Each Other…Who Benefits…Why? M-Pilar Astier et al.
o “One Family Physician for Every Family": Sharing Experiences of Developing Countries. Prof: Dr Tin Myo Han, Prof Datuk, Dr D M Thuraiappah.
o Expert Consultation: WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge Medication Without Harm: Early global action to support implementation, Geneva, November 2018. Dr Ruth Wilson attended on behalf of the WP.

Other WONCA Conferences
• 54th EQuiP Assembly Meeting, 29 - 30 March 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Oral Presentation +Workshop: Medication without harm: Which are the main topics in primary care? Conductors: Maria Pilar Astier-Peña
• 24th WONCA Europe Conference in - Bratislava – Slovakia June 2019
Oral Presentation+Workshops: Conductors: Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz and Maria Pilar Astier-Peña
• XII Patient Safety Annual Conference in Primary Care in Spain, Malaga 14th June 2019: The patient and their context. www.seguridadpaciente.com


• Astier-Peña María Pilar, Carlos María Romeo Casabona, Asier Urruela Mora Tendiendo puentes entre regulación jurídica y cultura de seguridad del paciente en el Sistema Nacional de Salud. J Healthc Qual Res 2018;33:65-7Txema Coll-Benejam,
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