WONCA EMR News: Regional Professional Diploma In Family Medicine

The 63rd session of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee (RC63) endorsed Resolution EM/RC63/R.2 which requests Member States to “establish bridging programmes on Family Medicine for general physicians”.

Consequently, WHO in collaboration with UNICEF, the American University of Beirut and the Eastern Mediterranean Region World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), developed a one-year programme entitled:  “Regional Professional Diploma in Family Medicine  (RPD-FM).”

The RPD-FM was presented to the sixty sixth session of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee (RC66), from 14 to 17 October 2019, where Member States welcomed its establishment as a bridging programme in family medicine.

The membership of the Committee is as follows:

• Dr Ahmed Al Mandhari, RD (Chairman).
• Dr Rana Hajjeh, DPM (Member).
• Dr Awad Mataria, Director, UHC/Health Systems (Member).
• Dr Hassan Salah, RA/PHC (Secretary).
• Dr Gohar Wajid, Technical Officer, HPE (Member).
• Dr Ahmed Mandil, Coordinator, RAI (Member).
• Dr Syed Nasir Shah, University of Health Sciences, Pakistan (Member).
• Dr. Nagwa Nashat, Menofia University, Egypt (Member)
• UNICEF representative (Member).
• AUB representative (Member).
•Prof Tagreed Farahat, EMR WONCA President
• Dr Wadeia Al Sharif, Chairperson, Family Medicine Council, ABHS (Member).
• Dr Mona Osman, Head, Training Committee, Family Medicine Council, ABHS (Member).
• Dr Elsheikh Badr, Chairperson, Community Medicine Council, ABHS (Member).