Report on Iberoamericana-CIMF congress May 2019

Photo: WONCA Iberoamericana-CIMF leaders with Prof Anna Stavdal, WONCA President Elect from Norway.

Family and Community Medicine of Ibero-America is claimed as the central axis of all Health Systems in a multitudinous conference

WONCA Iberoamericana CIMF, which brings together twenty countries, including Spain and Portugal from Europe, held its VI Congress of Family and Community Medicine of Ibero-America, in Tijuana, in May. More than 1,500 family doctors and health professionals from all areas of Ibero-America met in Tijuana, Mexico.

The President of WONCA Ibero-Americana CIMF, Jacqueline Ponzo, opened the Congress with a speech encouraging a greater push and more solidarity to achieve the implementation of universality and to be the central axis of the system.

During the opening ceremony of the event, President elect of WONCA World, Anna Stavdal of Norway, assured that Ibero-American Family Medicine is on the world agenda. She emphasized one of her obsessions as an international representative of doctors and family doctors: universality. She has long been one of the most relevant international voices in the claim for greater solidarity between regions that impede universality.

To the voice of Anna Stavdal, was added the Chilean, Ricardo Fábrega, advisor of the World Health Organization / Pan American Health Organization, who expressed concern about the slow implementation of Family Medicine in many of the countries represented in WONCA Iberoamericana, specifically in the Southern Cone Subregion.

As Tijuana is one of the most active points of the entire planet in terms of socio-economic and intercultural exchange, the issue of migration and how population flows are addressed is one of the great battles for Family Medicine. Of particular interest was the participation of doctors and health managers with academics in sociology commitment made by the # 6CWIC scientific committee, alternating, mental health, tourism or even political science, resulting in a very complete kaleidoscope with which to have a vision as scientific as humanistic migration.

Commitment to Planetary Health

During the Conference, the Executive Board of WONCA Iberoamericana CIMF approved the creation of their regional Working Group on Health and Environment, an initiative that seeks to join the wave that has been generated since the World WONCA published the "Declaration Calling for Family Doctors of the World to Act on Planetary Health". With this initiative, the Ibero-American region wants to lead the awareness of health professionals to the threats of climate change and the evidence that from the first level of care and from Family and Community Medicine we can be ambassadors in ecology, health and in how to set an example from our scientific organizations, in our consultations and health centers, and when dealing with ecological responsibility with our patients.

Puerto Rico 2020: A historic summit

During the crowded closing ceremonyof, all members of Congress were urged to mark the Ibero-American Summit and the Mesoamerican Congress in their diaries, which will take place in Puerto Rico in April 2020. In the words of the president of WONCA Iberoamericana CIMF, "we must continue to strengthen these meeting points, with a vision of understanding that is also the vision that determines our passion for Family Medicine, to build a better society, based on strong health systems "

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