WONCA Rio workshop abstracts close February 1


Abstracts for workshops, panels and symposia for the WONCA World conference coming to Rio next year close on February 1, 2016. (New extension of time announced 24 October).
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For posters and oral presentations the deadline for abstracts is February 1, 2016

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The Host Organizing committee is also accepting abstracts for cultural activities, deadline February 1, 2016

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Definition of panels, symposia and workshops.

- Panel (1-2 hours)
A panel discussion is a situation in which a group of people are gathered together to discuss an issue, often to provide feedback on something, to brainstorm solutions to a problem or to discuss an issue of public concern in front of an audience.

- Symposium (20-30 minutes)
A Symposium is a formal meeting at which experts discuss a particular topic. Information about different aspects of the topic considering the best evidence and state of art should be provided within the symposium. The speakers should prepare proper slides to assist their presentation within the specified time limits.

- Workshop (2-4 hours)
A meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project, by emphasizing on exchange of ideas and the demonstration, and application of techniques, skills, etc. Workshops may have a small presentation but most of the time should be used for group discussions.

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