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Greetings from the WONCA Special Interest Group (SIG) on Health Equity. It seems there are plenty of Health Equity events to be keeping busy with in the coming months, including the WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2017 and the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG); more details can be found in EVENTS. A recently published longitudinal study focusing on the North-South disparities in England is included in Publications of Interest. We would also like to share with you the knowledge and resources from the Starfield Summit II in Focus, and to congratulate the International Journal of Equity in Health for their 15th Anniversary and update the work from GPs at the Deep End in Australia.

In addition, as part of the affiliation to the International Journal of Equity in Health subscribed members are also entitled to a 20% discount on publications at the International Journal of Equity in Health. Please see below for further information and details. As always, we welcome contributions from any of our members; we would be more than happy to share health equity related events, stories, updates and ideas from all members and groups. If you would like to, but have yet to subscribe to our mailing list, please contact: [email protected].


The WONCA SIG Health Equity group is affiliated with the International Journal for Equity in Health. Check here: for up to date with the latest research regarding health equity issues all over the world, members of the SIG Health Equity group can enjoy a 20% discount for publications at the affiliated journal.

Publications of Interest.

Buchan IE, Kontopantelis E, Sperrin M, Chandola T, Doran T. North-South disparities in English mortality 1965–2015: longitudinal population study. J Epidemiology & Community Health. 2017 Jul 14:jech-2017. Accessible at:

Focus: Reducing Health Inequities – STARFIELD SUMMIT II

In April 2017, the second Starfield Summit was held successfully in Portland, Oregon. Attendees, including thought leaders in health inequities, primary care clinicians and their organizations, together with experts, educators, researchers in the public health sector, and community members came together and shared their knowledge and experiences in collaborating and advancing the development of strategies in minimizing disparities in health. Participants have actively contributed ideas in formulating practical and transformative means in proposing a socially accountable framework for family doctors in committing to eliminate health inequities in the future. The collective power from different sectors and stakeholders will definitely strengthen the role of primary care in achieving health equity.

To view more highlights and sharing from speakers of the event, please visit

Focus: 15th anniversary for Int J for Equity in Health

The International Journal for Equity in Health is celebrating its 15th anniversary. For years, the Journal have been in promoting health equity through presenting evidence-based researches which enhance the understanding of health of population across and within countries. In particular, the Journal focuses on the systematic differences of health according to the distinctive demographic, geographic or social features of population groups.

In the 15th Anniversary Edition, the Journal presents a collection of articles that discusses innovative methodologies, theoretical perspectives and interventions that would advance the understanding and promotion of health equity. Manuscripts that focuses on the coming 15 years of researches in equity in health are also included.

More information and articles sharing of the 15th Anniversary Edition.

Focus: GPs at the deep end

In October 2016, the Deep End GP Pioneer scheme was launched. Funded by the Scottish Government’s GP Recruitment and Retention Fund, the project aims to establish a change model for general practices serving very deprived areas, involving the recruitment of younger GPs, the retention of experienced GPs and their joint engagement in strengthening the role of general practice as the natural hub of local health systems. With protected time for professional and service development, the GPs involved have been given a ‘new lease of life’ and renewed enthusiasm for general practice. You can read more about it in this article in the Annals of Family Medicine, or explore the educational resources produced during the first year of the scheme here.

In other news, there have been two new Deep End GP groups formed since the last newsletter in October 2016: one in Canberra, Australia and the other in Greater Manchester, UK.
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