SIG on Ageing and Health annual report

Prof Dimity Pond, convenor, WONCA Special Interest Group on Ageing and Health reports:

The SIG worked hard in 2018 in developing the WONCA Statement on Older People’s care for the WONCA conference in Seoul. This was very well received. The statement can be viewed here.

We have welcomed a number of new members, from a range of countries. These include from Qatar, Dr Islam Noureldin and Dr Shawqiya Maid; from Oman Dr Ahmed Al Wahaibi and Dr Muraira al busaidi and from Lebanon Dr Jinan Usta. IN addition we have from the conference, Dr Przemyslaw Kardas. Dr Mohd Fairuz bin Ali, Dr Aznida Abd Aziz and Dr Zuraidah Binti Che Man. There new members are very welcome.

There is much work to be done. Individual members of the SIG are working in significant clinical, teaching and research roles in relation to primary care for the Ageing population. We look forward to working with WHO to pursue these interests.

In the meantime the SIG is planning a meeting via teleconference to discuss a workplan. Among other items, we intend to revamp our part of the website in 2019, in order to be more useful to WONCA members.Join our group