SIG on Cancer and Palliative Care Annual Report

Annette Berendsen, convenor of the WONCA Special Interest Group (SIG) on Cancer and Palliative Care provides the 2016-17 annual report

The SIG is closely aligned with the Cancer and Primary Care Research International group (Ca-PRI) and the International Primary Palliative Care Network.

The Rio pre-conference of the WONCA SIG on Cancer and Palliative care attracted a large group (pictured at bottom), including many Brazilians eager to hear about palliative care in the community internationally. It was organized by the International Primary Palliative Care Network which has members in every continent.

We ran a jointly-badged Ca-PRI - WONCA all-day workshop at the European Cancer Congress (ECCO) in Amsterdam January 28. This all-day workshop was very successful and well-attended.
The three day Ca-PRI conference in in April 2017 in Scotland was very successful with over 160 attendees.

In May we were invited by the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC) for a meeting at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra to explore possible collaboration.

We will run a workshop on cancer survivorship at WONCA Prague in June 2017. We expect this workshop to be a success as they usually are. However, we find it a bit harsh to invite speakers who have to pay the full congress fee.

Some members of the palliative group have produced a video that they are translating into different languages to explain a rationale for early palliative care. They decided it was a very useful educational tool for GPs, so it is now published. Also available on Facebook .

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