SIG on Health Equity annual report

Dr William Wong, convenor for the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Health Equity reports:

Over the last year, the group has been devoted to its core agenda of promoting Health Equity in primary care. It serves as an effective platform connecting representatives from different regions through emails, newsletters, committee meetings, and workshops, thereby facilitating better sharing and exchange of up-to-date information of Health Equity. Through the joint efforts of our representatives, the group has made major achievements in the past year.

First, the EQuiP Dublin Declaration "Patients should have access to safe, equitable, affordable and high-quality health care services in Europe" has been accepted and endorsed. One of our regional representatives has also presented the the declaration at WONCA Europe and has received very positive feedback. The group is going to present the declaration again at WONCA Seoul. In the workshop, attendees will be invited to share situations in their own countries and apply the Statement in their cases.

Second, the group is planning to produce a special issue on Homelessness around the world for a future newsletter. Every regional representative of the group will contribute to a column and report the situation of homelessness in their home countries.

Third, the group is devoted in attracting more members to join and participate in future activities. Various promotional strategies are planned and will be executed accordingly. Copies of newsletter and flyers introducing the group will be circulated at WONCA Seoul. Interactive communication will also be facilitated with the use of Facebook groups, Tweet Chat and other social media tactics to engage members around the globe. The website of the group will also be updated regularly and circulated among members.

With the support of all committee members and the rising number of registered members, the WONCA SIG on Health Equity has gained a more sophisticated understanding of the gaps in Health Equity. The brilliant ideas and projects contributed by our regional representatives and other members have added strong impetus to the group’s power and impact in exploring and reducing health inequalities in the community worldwide. We are confident that the group will continue to produce excellent works and significant outcomes in the coming year.