SIG on Quaternary Prevention & Overmedicalization annual report

Miguel Pizzanelli, (Uruguay), convenor, SIG on Quaternary Prevention & Overmedicalization (QP&O), writes

Leadership and Team Building

It was possible to have active groups in the Europe and Iberoaméricana regions. We are promoting leadership in the other regions. It is still too early to establish a QP&O Executive Team with leaders of all WONCA Regions. We are working to establish more knowledge exchange with Asia and Africa.

Collaborative Networks

Activities supported in Iberoaméricana Región included -Iberoamerican Conference Lima, August 2017; sponsorship and academic collaboration to Peruvian Quaternary Prevention Academic training; coordination of Quaternary Prevention group in Uruguay. Support to Iberoamerican on-line networks.

WONCA QP&O sponsorship: Lecce Oct 2017 1st Italian conference on overdiagnosis

WONCA QP&O sponsorship in Peruvian First National Course; “Quaternary Prevention in Primary Care / “I Curso Nacional de Prevención Cuaternaria en Atención Primaria”. Lima Perú, 1 y 2 de junio de 2018. (Sopemfyc) Sociedad Peruana de Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria.

First contact with WONCA (EUROPREV) Europe Working Group on Overdiagnosis. Discussing how QP&O could support the Position Paper on Overdiagnosis and Action to Be Taken.

Innumerable activities in Iberoamerica impossible to systematize; working groups meetings, networking, colleagues’ collaborations.

Communication Level

Ongoing projects and activities:
More than 100 topics in the Collaborative Database on Quaternary Prevention Resources and References. Pizzanelli M, Lavalle R, Jamoulle M. Quaternary prevention library and resources (QP library). 2017 Apr 10 [cited 2017 Apr 22]; Available from:

Iberoamericana Region has very active on line interactive forums.

Posting in the SIG space on WONCA web page.

Posting in Quaternary Prevention web blog.

Exchange Level

Preparing a working meeting of the group in the WONCA World Conference in Seoul. Coordination team: Monica Nivelo, Daniel Widmer, Myon Bae.

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