Speakers for WONCA Europe in Istanbul in October

At our twentieth conference, WONCA Europe invites you to look into the future from the perspective of the past.

Come to Istanbul to share what you think about family physicians, patients, diseases, health systems and WONCA with your colleagues from the speaker's corner.

BRITE: BRIng your Thoughts and Experience - for the first time gives a chance to all participants to be a speaker at the conference. If you have something to say, an experience to share, a question to ask, you can submit your BRITE in the abstract system.

Do not forget the deadline to be a BRITE speaker is now extended until May 22, 2015.

Who are the main speakers (apart from you)?

Jan de Maeseneer

Jan is professor and head of the department of family medicine and primary health care at Ghent University in Belgium. He is also chairman of the European Forum for Primary Care, and director of the International Center for Primary Health Care and Family Medicine, designated by WHO as a “WHO-Collaborating Center” on Primary Health Care.

Amanda Howe

Amanda is professor of primary care practising at the Bowthorpe Medical Centre in Norwich, England and president elect of World WONCA – she will become president in 2016.

Emin Kansu

Emin is a professor of haematology and chairman at the basic oncology department of Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. He is also a former member of European Union and Europe Scientific Committee Ethics Working Group, a member of Ethics Committee of Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK) and an executive board member of Turkish Academy of Sciences.

Many other speakers

We will host many speakers from WONCA special interest groups, networks, working parties in a variety of courses, workshops and panels.

These include:
 Diederik Aarendonk                 
Jose Lopez Abuin
Justin Allen
Elizabeth Ann Angier
Jachym Bednar
Annette Berendsen
Trevor Brown
Ruth Kalda
Adam Windak
Oleg V. Kravtchenko
Manfred Maier
Kristof Nekam
Ferdinando Petrazzuoli
Waris Qidwai
Jim Reid
Miguel Román Rodríguez
Dermot Ryan
Bohumil Seifert
Alice Shiner
Aziz Sheikh
Peter A. Sloane
Jaime Correia De Sousa
Allyn Walsh
Niek De Wit
William Wong 

Why not join us?

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