Spice Route young doctors offered support by the MRCGP INT board

Dr Bhavna Matta, Chairperson, The Spice Route Movement writes:

Dear All,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you regarding generous support displayed towards encouraging young doctors of the South Asia region, through WONCA South Asia region’s Young Doctors’ Movement, The Spice Route, by the MRCGP INT board under the Chairmanship of Dr Riaz Qureshi.

The Spice Route movement members have been offered an annual support up to $ 2500 towards various activities in building a strong family medicine specialty in this region.

I would like to take this opportunity tothank Dr Riaz Qureshi for his efforts and the trust he has shown in young doctors.

Please find details below.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Bhavna Matta
Chairperson, The Spice Route Movement.

Prof Riaz Qureshi writes:

I am pleased to inform you that at the last MRCGP INT South Asia board meeting under my chairmanship in March 2016, the members unanimously agreed that the board will fund up-to 2500 US Dollars per year the educational activities of the Spice Route members. The Spice Route member will need to apply through its chairman for the required support from the MRCGP INT South Asia. A 3 member committee of the board will review each application on merit and decide if the concerned applicant deserves to be supported. the amount for support will also be recommended to the board chairman by the same committee.

The examples of activities which may be supported by a bursary are as follows:

1. A research or audit project relevant to family medicine specialty
2. An oral or poster presentation at one of the South Asia regional conferences or the WONCA International conference
3. Participation in a faculty development workshop following success in a postgraduate qualification in family medicine. Preference may be given to those with the MRCGP INT qualification.
4. Any Innovative project related to the development and progress of family medicine in the South Asia region

I am also pleased to inform you that Dr Preethi Wijegoonewardene and Dr Marie Andrades have been unanimously elected the new chair and vice chair respectively of the MRCGP INT South Asia board. I have agreed to the request of the board to continue as an adviser of the board. Please pass on this information to your members. For any further queries on this issue, kindly write to Dr Preethi with a copy to Dr Marie, Mr Waseem Hameed and me.

Prof Riaz Qureshi
Professor Family Medicine Aga Khan University Karachi
Adviser MRCGP INT South Asia board

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