Statement from Shin Yoshida, new chair of the Rajakumar Movement

Hello, junior family doctors in the WONCA Asia Pacific Region(APR) and in the world! I am Shin Yoshida, a Japanese junior family physician.

I feel honored to take over as the new chair of the Rajakumar Movement from Dr Naomi Harris. The late Dr MK Rajakumar was a famous Malaysian family doctor who contributed to international activities among Asian family doctors. The Rajakumar Movement was established in 2009, for new & future family doctors in Asia Pacific region, so that more junior doctors could nurture family medicine internationally.

My mission as the new chair of this movement is to expand our community among APR counties and over the world by various means such as SNS, presentations/workshops at WONCA APR conferences, and mutual exchange between young doctors from two different countries in APR or worldwide (Family Medicine 360 program).

We are also creating an effective executive team composed of junior leaders of family medicine from each APR country supported by WONCA APR senior members. Let’s share our generalism, learn from our differences, and built true friendship in the WONCA Asia Pacific Region!!

Our Slogan / Motto

Network of Junior Family Doctors in the WONCA Asia Pacific Region

Our Mission

We promote family medicine among new and future doctors in the WONCA Asia Pacific Region by building networks for the exchange of experience and expertise for contribution to the leadership development and the advancement of health care.

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