Statement of support for WHO

WONCA has released the following statement (endorsed by WONCA Executive) outlining its support for WHO in the current coronavirus pandemic:

The COVID-19 Pandemic constitutes a serious public health crisis, affecting all countries in the world. WONCA recognizes the World Health Organization's critical and leading role during the pandemic, working across six regions, delivering essential equipment, providing technical guidance and education, and mobilizing resources while emphasizing health for all.

WONCA will continue to partner with WHO in its efforts to improve health through providing comprehensive care for people of all ages and encouraging Universal Health Coverage through strong Primary Health Care; and will continue to collaborate in technical papers, educational resources, and policy support.

In addition, WONCA has signed on to letters in support for WHO as a member of the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health and as a global member of the Civic Society Engagement Mechanism for UHC 2030.