Survey on communication courses - EACH

EACH: International Association of Communication in Healthcare and WONCA are organisations in a collaborative relationship and we are attempting to strengthen this collaboration. EACH is offering courses relevant for teachers, researchers and policymakers in healthcare communication, and for clinicians, to help improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

The current offer of courses can be viewed by clicking here. However, EACH offers very few courses specifically aimed at practicing healthcare professionals.

We would like to hear directly from these professionals what types of communication courses would be valuable so that we can start collecting and/or co-developing courses and materials that are relevant to them.

If you are a practising Family Doctor, could you please answer this short survey and list three courses not already offered by EACH that you would like to be co-developed by EACH and WONCA that would inform your practice.

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Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten,