Taiwan Association celebrates 30 years with a declaration

Greetings from Taipei!

On this past Sunday, May 15th, we celebrated the 2016 World Family Doctor Day as previous years.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that we are welcoming the 30th Anniversary of our Association (the Chinese Taipei Association of Family Medicine) in July this year. Formed in 1986, we have successfully evolved into a mature discipline and become one of the largest academic medical societies in Chinese Taipei.

We will hold the Anniversary Function on July 9-10, and have Professor Amanda Howe, WONCA President elect, committed to be our honorable guest.

We have released the 2016 Taiwan Declaration of Family Medicine to be issued during our Anniversary.

The TAIWAN Action Plan to be announced in the Declaration is as follows:
T:   Developing a uniquely Taiwanese family physicians system fully capable of delivering quality person-centered, family-based, and community-oriented healthcare services;
A:  Enhancing Accountability of care and empowering citizens to enhance self-care;
 I:  Providing Integrated people-centered health services and enforcing bi-directional referral to ensure coordination and continuity between the three tiers of health care;
Providing family physicians with payment incentives to support reasonable increase in national health expenditure, thereby building up a World leading model of sustainability;
A:  Upgrading the ability of family physicians in providing preventive health care to reinforce Assurance of quality care;
N:  Constructing Networks of community health support by recruiting and training volunteers for health education, and self-care.

Dr Steve Shih-Tzu