Balearic Meeting of European Residents & Young GPs coming next month

Photo: Residents and Young GPs members of Organizing and Scientific Committees.

The Balearic and Spanish Societies of Family and Community Medicine (Ibamfic and SemFYC) have the great honor to invite you to the IV Balearic Meeting of European Residents & Young GPs - “Connecting Doctors”, which will be held in Palma de Mallorca on October 21st and 22nd of 2016.

In this fourth edition, we will try to connect residents and young GPs from all around the world, to share the Family and Community Medicine of the five continents and to exchange experiences in our clinical practices. The sessions will be taught by GP experts of each one of the subjects, and the official language of the meeting will be English (Easy English format).

One more time, assistants will be able to increase their participation in the event by sending scientific works (research, professional experiences, clinical cases…). The best oral communication and the best poster will be awarded with one registration to the 22nd WONCA Europe Conference (Prague, June 2017) and to the 4th VdGM Forum (Strasbourg, April 2017), respectively.

The Meeting is being organized by and for residents and Young GPs, without the participation of the pharmaceutical industry, with a low cost format, to promote the assistance of young doctors.

For the occasion, we are also organizing a “World Conference Exchange”, inviting young doctors of the five continents, who will enjoy a rotation week in a GP practice in Palma de Mallorca, thanks to the collaboration of the Vasco da Gama Movement.

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Photo: Opening Act (left to right): Dr. Enrique Álvarez (President of Organizing Committee), Dr. Alfonso Ballesteros (COMIB), Ms. Patricia Gómez (Regional Minister of Health of Balearic Islands), Dr. Javier Castro (Secretary of SemFYC), Dr. Jesús Torres (President of Scientific Committee).

On the 11th and 12th of September 2015, a hundred Residents and Young GPs met in the venue of the Official Medical College of Balearic Islands (COMIB) in Palma de Mallorca to take part in the III Balearic Meeting of European Residents & Young GPs, organized by the Ibamfic, with the collaboration of the COMIB, the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SemFYC) and the Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM).

Under the slogan “Treasure Island”, adventurers from all Europe came to Mallorca to look for the long-awaited “treasure”. For that, they assisted to different sessions about sexual transmitted diseases, diabetes mellitus update, chronic renal insufficiency management in Primary Care (PC), alcoholic detoxication in PC, how to develop Community Medicine and symptoms management in palliative care. Also, they participated in workshops about Minor Surgical Procedures, Spirometry and Respiratory Therapies in PC, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in adults and children, and Emergencies in Pediatrics. Finally, delegates were divided is small groups to play a Medical Trivial Quiz.

On other hand, during the event delegates were able to exchange experiences and compare different health systems and GP training programs in the different countries from where delegates came from. Besides, it should be pointed out the Exchange made by 10 European residents, who could go to Consultation Rooms in Health Centers of Palma de Mallorca during the week before the Meeting, thanks to the collaboration of the Vasco da Gama Movement.

The most awaited moment was the Opening Conference, which was carried out by Prof. Per Kallestrup (Denmark), founder of Hippokrates Program of VdGM, titled The Dynamics of Balance, How "Fire in the Eyes” prevents burn-out: It´s all about YOU, that left nobody indifferent.

Photo: Prof. Per Kallestrup (Keynote Speaker, Denmark), Dr. Enrique Álvarez (President of the Organizing Committee).

It should also be pointed out that the event was organized without the participation of the pharmaceutical industry, and the official language was English.

Thirty scientific communications were received. Six of them were selected to be oral presentation and seven to be poster with oral defence. Among them, the winner was Dr. Javier Calvo (Young GP, Spain) with the communication titled “B12 hipovitaminosis in elderly population”, and who was awarded with 2 registrations to the III VdGM Forum (Jerusalem, September 2016), courtesy of SemFYC. In the best poster category, the winner was Dra. Cristina Mendoza (GP trainee, Spain), with her poster titled “Primary Care Research in Santa Ponça Health Center”.

Dr. Enrique Álvarez Porta, Young GP and President of the Organizing Committee, said: “This third edition of the Balearic Meeting has earned to consolidate definitely a special event, developed fully in English, and without the participation of the pharmaceutical industry. We are offering a “low cost” format (70 euros: a commemorative present, coffee breaks, lunches and closing dinner included), which allows Young GPs all around the world to assist, enjoying a very high level scientific program”. And he concluded: “The key of the organization is the strong support of SemFYC, Ibamfic, COMIB and VdGM, and the feedback we receive from our colleagues, who encourage us to continue organizing this event”.