The Rajakumar Movement Update 2022

The Executive and Council of The Rajakumar Movement (TRM) had actively participated in the WONCA APR Council Meeting, WONCA YDM Pre-Conference and WONCA World Conference in Abu Dhabi last year. It was a memorable and proud moment for us that Dr Noor Harzana Harrun from Malaysia won the WONCA Rising Star Award. We had our regular meetings to discuss, plan and organize many activities, especially for our young doctors in the Asia Pacific Region. 

• The TRM Research Group, in collaboration with the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia and the Malaysian Family Medicine Specialists’ Association, organized the second batch of Basic Research Training for young doctors. It consisted of a monthly webinar session on Evidence-Based Medicine. Experts from the Asia Pacific Region were invited to deliver the lecture, followed by small group discussions. The first session started in September 2021. The session, on Introduction to Critical Appraisal, was beautifully carried out by Associate Professor Dr Tan Chai Eng from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The second session, entitled Appraising Therapy-related Articles, was given by our TRM Research Group Head, Dr Mya Win Hnit from Myanmar in October 2021. The third session took place in November 2021. Associate Professor Dr Indah Suci Widyahening from Universitas Indonesia spoke wonderfully on Appraising Articles about Harm during that session. 

December 2021

The fourth session was on Appraising Articles About Diagnosis. It was an excellent sharing by Associate Prof Dr Chaisiri Angkurawaranon from Chiang Mai University, making the basics of Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, NPV, Likelihood Ratio easy to understand.

January 2022

Prof Dr Ching Siew Mooi from Universiti Putra Malaysia delivered an impressive lecture on Appraising Articles about Prognosis during the fifth session. 

February 2022

It was a great honored to have Associate Professor Dr Indah Suci Widyahening with us again for our last session. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all my dedicated and energetic team. Special thanks to all the speakers, moderators, and participants. 

March 2022

We had our first Family Medicine Teaching Session on 'Approach to Elevated Liver Transaminases', The session was moderated by Dr Raveena and delivered by Dr Chen Thim Yoon, a senior and experienced Principal GP from The Wellness House, Orange, NSW, Australia. It was a concise and comprehensive talk. We hope that this teaching session will help to improve the knowledge in Family Medicine / General Practice which enable Family Doctors to provide better quality of Primary Care and at the same time to prepare the postgraduate trainee for the Professional Examination.

May 2022

We have another great Family Medicine Teaching Session 2. Dr Chen Thim Yoon delivered a comprehensive talk and case discussion on the Approach to Exanthematous Rash in Children. Thank you to all TRM Reps, friends and all the hardworking Family Medicine Postgraduate Trainees and participants for joining us. Thank you for your continuous support as always.

The Rajakumar Movement (TRM), WONCA Asia Pacific Region (APR) organized a much awaited get together session virtually to celebrate World Family Doctor Day on 22 May 2022. The session started with an impactful opening speech delivered by Associate Professor Dato’ Dr Muhammad Husni Jamal, President of WONCA APR, followed by YDM video showcase and performances by young doctors in the region. The songs and musical pieces played were dedicated especially to all family doctors for their selfless contributions to the community. All the participants enjoyed the session very much and had a great time. Family doctors are multitalented with multi capabilities. It is heart-warming to see the great teamwork by all the young doctors.

The details of the performances as followed:
• Dr Erfen Gustiawan Suwangto, Immediate Past Chair of TRM, shared his single music composition of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. 
• Dr Maryem Sokhandan Fadakar from Malaysia sang “Hero” as a dedication to all young family doctor
• Dr Shin Yoshida, Dr Naoko Kobayashi and the rest of the Japanese young doctors sang a Japanese anthem and greeted everyone Happy World Family Doctor Day
• Dr Lim Ying Siew from Malaysia shared a beautiful piano rendition of “Once upon a time in Shanghai”
• Dr Chloe Chan and Dr Aldo Wong from Hong Kong sang an inspiring “Heal the World”
• Dr Wee Sian Woon from Australia played the piano “Go the Distance”
• Dr Suthiwat Khumngoen shared the lovely Thai song entitled “Mor Krob Kur” (Family Medicine)