The Spice Route Movement Update 2022

The Spice Route Movement South Asia Region

The Spice Route Regional Council

After consensus, the Executive Committee of Spice Route Regional Council was replaced by new members lead by,
Dr.Zainab Mohammad as Regional Chair
Dr.Serin Kuriakose as Regional Secretary
Dr. Gobith Ratnam as FM 360 Exchange Coordinator
Dr. Roshan Parajuli as Image Coordinator
Dr.Kinley Bhuti as ASPIRE Representative       

Virtual FM 360 Exchange
The Virtual Exchange program with Vasco de Gama Movement was organized on 19th March 2022. Two countries (Nepal and Sri Lanka) from Spice Route and two countries (Bosnia Herzegovina and Netherlands) from Vasco de Gama, had made videos to display the primary care practices in their country. It was an interactive session with proactive participants and breakout rooms.

Updating the Spice Route logo
The Spice Route logo was recreated by the WONCA Communication and PR Officer (Maria Dolores Zavala) on request. After joint consensus and approval by all the council members, the logo is now being used by all the members. 

World Family Doctor Day Celebration 
To commemorate the WFDD on 19th May 2022, The Spice Route conducted a WONCA webinar based on the theme of WFDD “Always there to care.” The session had three speakers – one from Pakistan, Bhutan and India each. It was attended in good numbers by young doctors from the region. All the members updated their social media profiles with WFDD templates by WONCA

Regular meetings

The Country leads of the Spice Route Council regularly meets virtually via Skype every first Sunday of the month to discuss and plan the future activities. Also, regular CPD activities for young doctors of their respective countries have been organized by Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan by the names of The GPs’ Café, Spice Route Classroom and The Lounge, respectively.  Two Meet and Greet (interaction with National Council Members) sessions by Spice Route India were also a success. 

Dr. Serin Kuriakose
The Spice Route: WONCA Young Doctors’ Movement, South Asia