The Spice Route celebrates World Diabetes Day with a webinar

Diabetes Mellitus has always been one of the biggest concerns among healthcare professionals, with millions of people requiring ongoing care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications. According to the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 537 million adults globally are living with Diabetes Mellitus, with greater prevalence among the South Asian population. A considerable part of this population does not have access to Diabetes care. For that reason, stakeholders must act promptly to provide better access to medicine, technologies and support to these people. Also, Governments should invest in Diabetes care, prevention, and screening to manage this global health concern.

Given the above statistics, the Spice Route Movement, the Young Doctor Movement of WONCA South Asia, virtually celebrated World Diabetes Day on November 14th with a webinar, part of the regular series of the Spice Route Movement CPD program.

The session, with the theme “Access to Diabetes Care”, was hosted by the Spice Route team Pakistan, with the participation of young doctors from multiple regions, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. During the session, moderated by Dr Wajeeha Noorulain from Pakistan, Dr Krithika Ganesh from India presented on the topic “Role of Family Physicians in Diabetes Care”, followed by Dr Sharmeen Shiraz from Sri Lanka with the theme “Health Education and Diabetes Management”. The third speaker was Dr Hina Jawaid from Pakistan, who presented on “Diabetes and Insulin Management: A Primary care perspective.”

The speakers focused on the rising number of people affected by Diabetes, setting an added strain on the healthcare systems. Speakers highlighted that among all the health care professionals, the role of a Family Physician is crucial in the early detection, diagnosis, management, and prevention of the condition. A Primary care physician can provide early and the best possible care to people living with Diabetes, in need of access to ongoing education to understand their condition and carry out the daily self-care essential to staying healthy and avoiding complications. The session also discussed the role of Insulin in managing Diabetes, with the strategies that can help control the condition without possible complications. Presenters also reinforced the need for further activities highlighting the demand for better access to quality Diabetes.

Dr. Zainab. M. Anjarwala
Chair: Spice Route Movement, YDM WONCA South Asia