Discover the Principles of Primary Care - International CPD course

The COVID outbreak has further highlighted the key role of primary care in healthcare delivery worldwide. But what is primary care? How can we strengthen it? Are there common principles that can be applied across countries? 

The new University of Exeter Principles of Primary Care - International CPD course is now live. The course will be delivered virtually over two contact days (12th November & 3rd December 2021) and will include an interactive pre-reading week and access to materials developed by faculty, including the online textbook; Learning General Practice 

Participating in the course will give you the opportunity to hear about how primary care is delivered in other parts of the world and explore ideas and principles that may cross our national boundaries.  Afterwards you will have the opportunity to join an international alumni of other primary care colleagues, including those from the first iteration of the course:

 “The programme has helped me to pursue a career in public health and also to want to help to make a difference in primary care in my country — it was good learning from other countries”

Dr Tinashe Takunda Soko, Junior Doctor in Zimbabwe, first cohort of Principles of Primary Care International CPD course – January 2021

Check the full programme here and book your place here

For further information, you can read about how Exeter is helping to strengthen primary care globally and find out more about the Change Projects organised by last year’s PPCI course cohort.